Ashley Miller Looks At Client Relationships

Posted: 13th March 2015

TRUSTED. At Marchmont we pride ourselves on the word “TRUST” and how this manifests itself in our day to day dealing with our clients. We work with clients from all around the world and part of the businesses success over the last few years has been in establishing ourselves as the go to commercial property advisors that our clients trust to deliver. Ashley Miller, from the management team is particularly focused on this area and how the business must retain this sentiment as it grows over the coming years. “For me, [Ashley explains] understanding the clients’ needs and feeling like part of their business is at the heart of what drives the client and the business in order for us to be able to develop the commercial property strategy and be integral to the property department within our client’s team. We have to be open and create a strong sense of trust. This is something that will be clearly emphasised in our own company literature and is a fundamental part of the Marchmont business philosophy.” Marchmont are well recognised in the industry for having strong, long term relationships and we can only grow the business the way we want to if we remind ourselves what is at the route of the company’s success.