Marchmont Supports the Irish Economy

Posted: 18th September 2015

Marchmont have been doing their bit to get the Irish Economy up and running as they assist their client, Turas Nua opening their 8th office in Waterford, Eire.

Turas Nua are halfway in their efforts to open up a new network of offices to assisting the Irish Government helping people get back into work and Marchmont has been working with them to achieve their goals, having found and fitted out all 8 offices so far.

Ashley at Marchmont ” We have been scouring the country for the best opportunities and then managing the fitting out and handing over the offices to our Client in a ready to go format  – it’s nice for once not just to be considering the commercial side of things, as this work, ultimately directly assists the town and the people you have been working with.

We are well on the way to opening up a further 8 or 9 opportunities this year but it seems Irish Solicitors are no different to their UK counterparts as the speed of the legal process is our biggest hurdle!”

Ashley Miller