Controversial Office to Resi Rights Here to Stay

Posted: 22nd October 2015

The controversial temporary permitted development rights of 2013 (that were due to expire on the 30th May 2016), which allowed offices to be converted into new homes without so much red tape. will now be made a permanent fixture of the UK planning laws.

In addition to the new permanent development rights, further new rights will also enable the change of use of light industrial buildings and launderettes to new homes. These extended rights will however be subject to a prior approval process.

Brandon Lewis said: “We’re determined that, both in Whitehall and in town halls, everything is done to get the homes we need built. Today’s measures will mean we can tap into the potential of underused buildings to offer new homes for first-time buyers and families long into the future, breathing new life into neighbourhoods and at the same time protecting our precious green belt.”

Due to the relaxation of these regulations, Since April 2014  it has meant that almost 4,000 conversions have been given the go ahead.

Kevin Davies a Director from Marchmont Surveyors explains “Although this is a anticipated move by the government and supporting a free moving market is most welcome, continuation of this policy is aimed at speeding up the construction numbers for the UK”s residential housing needs. Marchmont are aware that in key towns and cities across the country commercial property requirements and shortages are becoming apparent, with particular strain on the affluent towns and cities in the South East such as; Windsor, St Albans, Reading, London and Woking. This change is welcome however a vacuum for good quality office space is already appearing”.

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