Marchmont Celebrates 20 Years

Posted: 22nd June 2017

Ashley Miller, Director at Marchmont explains “Our business partnership is like a marriage on steroids, as there are three strong personalities constantly needing to make financial and business decisions for the long and short term future of the company. It’s bad enough making summer holiday plans with your wife or partner, so imagine trying to do that for every week of the year! “

Steven Weatherstone, Director at Marchmont believes that the company’s success is based on respect and consideration and comments “We work on our relationship, always recognising that however busy we all are, we still need to find time to sit down, catch up and really talk decisions through, whether that simply be a long lunch or on occasion escaping for a ‘letting your hair down’ weekend!”

Marchmont have similar long term relationships with their clients, caring passionately about getting it right for each Client’s specific needs and requirements and as a result delivering bespoke property solutions. Their vast experience in commercial property and their upbeat and grounded advice mean the vast majority of their client stick with them and have stayed with Marchmont over the last 20 years.

Kevin Davies, Director at Marchmont confirms “We all feel that our Clients are like trusted teammates. We recognise our success lies with our clients recognising our commitment and by us delivering trusted advice. The old saying, “you are only as good as your last job” is engrained in our culture”

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and we are still working and playing 20 years on.

Marchmont Celebrates 20 Years