Vape Shops Set To Expand And Become A Main Stay Of the High Street

Posted: 11th December 2017

Smoking has now been replaced by a new phenomenon, ‘Vaping’ – the use of e-cigarettes, with now nearly 3 million Brits vaping. As a result, nationwide we have witnessed the opening of new Vape shops and cafes where “vapers” are encouraged to hang out, drink coffee and listen to music.

A recent press release by the trade body representing the Vape sector has forecast that the industry will grow exponentially from £1bn a year to £4bn by 2021. The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) estimates that the amount of vaping stores in the UK is likely to grow rapidly over the next 2-3 years as retail brands embark on major store investment programmes. The prediction comes as the industry is forecasting record Christmas sales.

Marchmont are very familiar with the changing face of what makes up the traditional high street having acted for a variety of well known occupiers on our nation’s high streets and they have noted this growth of Vape Shops. Indeed, these shops and cafes are already found on over 2,000 high streets in the UK with sales of vaping products surging 50% in 2016 to reach £1bn.

Ashley Miller, Director at Marchmont comments “Although the industry is only a decade old, vaping is now a major player in the retail market and although initially the growth was rather ad-hoc and generally local in nature, significant retail brands are now beginning to emerge and co-ordinate bringing vaping shops onto the high street”

Whether Vaping enters and establishes within the prime pitches of the High Street in the future or whether it will go up in smoke, is still to be seen.