An approaching lease expiry is always a good opportunity to pause for breath and consider your business plan, assess your space requirement as a whole and agree specific plans for your Property or portfolio.

All too often insufficient early planning is made and these lease events arrive or are triggered by others and suddenly become critical to your business. On early instruction, Marchmont can assist an occupier consider their current and future needs for the Property and work together at agreeing a strategy for the location and the specific Lease Renewal.

Early decisions and contact with the Landlord can allow time for productive discussions and an early indication on whether staying at the Property is viable or a relocation is a better alternative to renewing your Lease.

Marchmont are vastly experienced and trusted by our Clients to assist on all aspects of lease renewal negotiations; from assisting you with the tricky solicitor dialogue, to finalising Heads of Terms on a new lease or indeed arriving at a decision NOT to renew and then helping you relocate or indeed close your Property.

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