If you are undertaking or affected by development we can provide effective advice on neighbourly matters to ensure your rights are protected and developments are enabled, in a timely fashion but with respect to and to the benefit of all parties.

The services we offer include;

  • Party wall matters
  • Access agreements
  • Scaffold licences
  • Hoarding licences


The most significant work in this sector falls under the Party wall legislation. The Party Wall act provides rights to do certain works to shared party walls and shared boundary walls/boundaries. However the act also imposes certain obligations on Building Owners that want to exercise those rights.

In summary, the process of the act involves the building Owner serving a notice on the affected neighbours setting out the proposals. If the neighbours dissent to the notice then a dispute arises and parties need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor, either as a joint appointment or appointment of independent surveyors to each party. The surveyors then determine an agreement (Party Wall Award) that enables the development to proceed, providing protection to the adjoining owner.

Click Here to View Explanatory Guidance Note on the Act

We can provide services to

  • Building Owner Services
  • Adjoining Owner Services


We provide high quality advice in this complex area to developers, owners, occupiers, and design consultants. Our aim is to resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner to the benefit of all parties, but protecting our owners interests.

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